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Metadata 101: How to Request Endorsements, Forewords and Prefaces for New Books

Now, it’s time for the fun part of a book launch! This is the point, close to completing a book, when we summon our allies and angels to help us. In our Metadata 101 series, David Crumm writes about gathering the Foreword, Preface, Introduction and endorsements for a new book. You may be surprised by the powerful influence these opening pieces can have on an author’s success.

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Metadata 101: How to create book metadata that will increase discoverability and enhance your marketing

Metadata might only have 8 letters, but it’s a huge topic in book publishing. Front Edge Publishing Marketing Director Susan Stitt begins a series of columns about the many crucial choices authors face in creating successful metadata for new books. She also shares links and recommendations for further reading. Got a specific question after reading this column? Please—ask us!

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