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Since , Front Edge’s flexible approach to publishing includes major universities, nonprofits and individual authors. We are co-signers of the best practices pledge for Hybrid Publishers, which means we combine the best in traditional editing, design and overall quality—with an invitation for authors to partner with us in developing their content. Our cutting-edge production software lets us quickly release books in all formats, including customized editions. Got questions? Contact us!

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Thirty Days with Abraham Lincoln: An inspiring call to unity

At a time when Americans are more divided than ever, Abraham Lincoln still calls us back together. That’s why Lincoln remains the soul of America, appealing to everyone from the staunchest conservative Republican to progressive Democrats. That’s how a radio station in Maine built a loyal audience for a short weekly feature by Lincoln scholar Duncan Newcomer called Quiet Fire.

Now, you can join in this call to spiritually reunite our nation by becoming part of the first wave of readers of: 30 Days With Abraham Lincoln—Quiet Fire. This inspirational book collects 30 of Newcomer’s best radio stories in recent years along with links to listen to the original broadcasts.

Care to learn more? We also have launched a new resource page, packed with:

  • Free media you can download to spread the word, including a press release and a one-page flyer suitable to hang on a wall to encourage small-group discussion. There’s even a 1-minute YouTube video you can share.
  • Praise for this new book from men and women nationwide.

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You may wonder why a TV guy is promoting the idea of publishing a book. I mean, a book seems so traditional in media and, in public TV, we’re pushing toward cutting-edge media. But, if you look at the potential of this very flexible new kind of publishing, then you realize that a book is a powerful tool for curating your content in new forms—and reaching new audiences.

Rich Homberg, President & CEO
Detroit Public Television

When we faced this big challenge of scaling and replicating our years of work together in early childhood education, we didn’t want to simply do what others were doing around the country—using websites and flyers and PowerPoints. We wanted to reach much further and we committed ourselves to a series of books. We knew it was a big challenge, but now we can see these books are a very helpful way to tell our stories and reach out into the world.

Jeff Miles, Social Innovation Fund Manager
United Way for Southeastern Michigan

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