How it Works

Whether you’re an individual or working on behalf of an organization, Front Edge Publishing provides all the services you need to launch your book project quickly and easily. Unlike traditional publishers, we put you in control of the process and your content. We work flexibly and tailor our services based on your needs. When you work with us, you become the publisher while we offer as much support as you need.

Our Services

Workflow & Service Details

1. Book Editing Services

Content Editing

Content editing iconDuring content editing, Front Edge Publishing editors review your manuscript to evaluate structure, flow and story. We work with you collaboratively until the manuscript tells your story perfectly. Not all manuscripts need content editing. Time estimates for content editing vary based on length and need.

Copy Editing

Copy editing iconEven the best writers need copy editors. Front Edge Publishing copy editors go over your manuscript line-by-line to identify and fix issues related to spelling, punctuation, grammar and consistency. Our editors are detail-oriented and familiar with multiple style guides. All copy editing changes prioritize your intent, voice and diction and are subject to review during the proofing stage.

2. Book Design Services & Proof Review

Layout Design

Book layout design iconAfter editing, Front Edge Publishing layout designers get to work to determine your book design. Our designers prioritize your intent while developing the layout. They will consult with you to craft the ideal look of your book. Example templates for review are available. All layouts are customized to fit the book’s needs.

Cover Design

Book cover design iconOur artists and designers work with you to create your ideal book cover. Perhaps you have a design in mind, a photograph you want to work from or just want to see what the artist comes up with. Whatever the case, your cover isn’t finished until you’re happy with it. Front Edge Publishing cover artists are industry veterans. They work in a variety of styles, using your manuscript as inspiration.

3. Publisher Approval & Proof Turnaround

As a Front Edge Publishing partner publisher, you will receive a digital PDF proof for review and to use as a reference for submitting corrections. Corrections can include specific or broad layout requests as well as changes to specific text. We issue a new proof once you submit corrections. The proofing process is repeated until you are fully satisfied with the look and content of your book.

Print proofs ship 5 to 8 business days after proof approval, if requested. Not all books require a print proof for review, but we recommend it for color-sensitive, image-heavy or formatting-intensive projects. Hardcover proofs may take up to an additional 5 days for delivery.

4. Book Distribution Services

Book distribution iconFront Edge Publishing is partnered with industry leader Ingram to distribute books throughout the world. Front Edge books are sold on and We distribute eBooks through all popular eBook platforms, including Kindle, Nook, Google Play and iTunes. Front Edge Publishing future-proofs books using our in-house production system. This means books can be quickly and easily adapted to any new popular book distribution platforms.


Online retail sales pages fully generate 1 to 3 weeks after final proof approval. Retailers automatically generate sales pages, so it’s possible to order your book on Amazon sooner than 1 week after approval even if the sales page is still under construction.

Publishers can order books directly from Front Edge Publishing 5 business days after proof approval.


eBook distribution happens at the same time print books go live. eBooks can be up for sale as soon as 24 hours after final proof approval.

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The Benefits of Working with Us

Control Your Content

Copyright iconFront Edge Publishing does not retain copyright. You wrote the book, you keep the all the rights to your work. We believe in putting you in control, from editing and layout styles to suggested retail price.


Are you hosting or headlining an event? Add a logo to the front cover of your book and include a letter from the host and an itinerary in the front material. Popular modifications include adding customized study guides for small groups, events and book clubs. The possibilities are limitless and customization is quick and easy. Customization is available for all Front Edge Publishing titles, in any format.


The Front Edge Publishing’s in-house system keeps every book in a mutable XML form. That means your book isn’t defined by the kind of paper it’s printed on or the eBook reader used to view it. Easily update the content of your book while keeping it available on every single eBook platform and popular online retail platform. Create updated, expanded and new editions quickly and easily using simple Microsoft Word files provided by Front Edge Publishing.


Our team is quick, efficient and will match your need for speed. The automation powered by our proprietary software means the Front Edge Publishing process is significantly faster than industry standards. Rush production and printing options are also available.

Front Edge Publishing specializes in rapid production on timely topics. Unlike Big 5 publishers, who take years to release a book, our process takes months. Got an extreme deadline? Get in touch. Several of our experienced partner publishers have set records by producing urgently needed books in a matter of weeks.


As a Front Edge Publishing partner, you will receive a royalty rate far above the industry standard for book publishing. A traditionally-published author is lucky to receive $1 per book sold, and most publishers pay out even less than that.

Our partner publishers currently receive $2.20 to $9.40 per book sold from retail platforms. As a partner, we empower you to set your own prices. Together you’ll work with our industry experts to ensure a sustainable and rewarding royalty per-book-sold. We also provide group sale support and book customization for groups and events, which result in even higher per-book royalties and revenue.

Connect to a Growing Network of Partner Publishers

Connect to network iconFront Edge Publishing empowers publishers around the globe, from nonprofits and television stations to community outreach programs and universities. Join a wide-ranging network of professionals with a passion for media and connection. Discover allies for your next project and work with passionate people on your publishing efforts.