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Susan Stitt is marketing director of Front Edge Publishing. Over the years, she has guided many authors through the challenging process of launching books and developing strategies that will grow readership. She also has worked widely with nonprofits. Now, she shares her expertise twice each month on our Front Edge Publishing website.

In our Caregiving Crisis, there are so many ways we can help families rediscover hope

In this two-part series of columns, we are recommending valuable books for the 53 million Americans now coping with caregiving for loved ones. Part 1, below, introduces our most popular caregiving book—and gives you the latest data (including a colorful chart you can share with friends). This is Part 2 in the series in which Susan Stitt shares more of the diverse resources we publish that can help caregivers.

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Join the many Americans reading about LGBTQ diversity in Pride Month

For Pride Month in June 2020, Susan Stitt tells the story of Front Edge Publishing’s long-standing commitment to LGBTQ inclusivity. This is part of our over-arching commitment to encouraging the appreciation of diversity in all forms, including racial, religious and cultural diversity. As Susan tells the story, she highlights some of the best books on LGBTQ inclusion that are used today in small groups nationwide.

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