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Celebrate Global Culture: Ask Friends to Virtually Bake Bread with You!

Here’s an idea in the midst of COVID-19 isolation: Cook up something fresh and delicious with family and friends, wherever they live around the world. Author and world traveler Lynne Golodner invites readers to tour American history, our nation’s varied cultures and the world’s great religious traditions with stories and recipes of delicious, diverse breads.

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Join the many Americans reading about LGBTQ diversity in Pride Month

For Pride Month in June 2020, Susan Stitt tells the story of Front Edge Publishing’s long-standing commitment to LGBTQ inclusivity. This is part of our over-arching commitment to encouraging the appreciation of diversity in all forms, including racial, religious and cultural diversity. As Susan tells the story, she highlights some of the best books on LGBTQ inclusion that are used today in small groups nationwide.

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Our Commitment to Religious and Cultural Diversity Shines in ‘Beauty of Ramadan’

A commitment to religious and cultural diversity is a pillar of Front Edge Publishing, which shines during seasonal celebrations like the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. In this column, we introduce the author of “Beauty of Ramadan”—Najah Bazzy, the internationally known cross-cultural peacemaker and founder of Zaman International. From CNN to PEOPLE magazine, Najah has been honored for her work that focuses on helping at-risk women and children.

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