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Video Tips from MSU School of Journalism’s Joe Grimm: Bored with zooming? Meet Prezi!

THIS IS THE SECOND in a series of videos by Michigan State University Journalism Professor Joe Grimm—the founder and coordinator of the 18-volume series of Bias Busters’ guides to cultural competence. In these videos, Joe shares tips for writers, editors, educators and community leaders about how to create media that will excite people as you share your message. In this video, Joe introduces Prezi video tools and shows how he uses them himself in online talks he produces.

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From ‘Sex’ to ‘The Sistine Chapel,’ Callaway bets on the most expensive gift books ever made

In the second of two columns about our timeless love for paper books, we report on what is surely the world’s most expensive gift-book offering for the holidays, a 3-volume set from Callaway Arts for the 2020 holiday shopping season. Callaway has a long history of touching off global buzz in the publishing industry. Back in 1992, the company collaborated with Madonna on the R-rated coffee-table book, “Sex.” In sharp contrast, the subject of the 2020 project is sacred: “The Sistine Chapel.”

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