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Join Us (and 65 million others) in the Goodreads Community

Are you a Goodreads author yet? Don’t think you have time for one more form of social media? Consider this: 65 million members! And, 68 million reviews. Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers, providing personal book recommendations. Yes, it’s true that Amazon claims an even larger “community” of reviewers within its main website—but […]

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Front Edge Publishing book covers

What is Hybrid Publishing?

Through the turbulent changes in the publishing industry over the past decade, promising new models are emerging including one that we embrace here at Front Edge: hybrid publishing. The hybrid publishing model combines the best of both traditional publishing and self-publishing.

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Myth Busting: Are ink-on-paper books dead?

“Books are dead, aren’t they?” A woman asked me that as she held up her smartphone in the middle of a workshop I was leading. “I’ll bet kids today have given up on books entirely!” Many people assume print books are dead and that young people are leading the charge toward digital reading. But, is it true?

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