As Babson College tells us, Laura Elizabeth’s cozy mystery is about much more than suspenseful fun

Babson College highlights this dedicated community activist with a profile

Since our founding in 2007, our publishing house team has lived by the motto: “Good media builds healthy communities.” And, yes, we mean the books that we publish will inspire, educate, reassure and provoke fresh thoughts about how we all can lead more fulfilling lives together. But we mean something more than that, as well: Our authors are people dedicated to building healthy communities through their daily interactions and through their vocational work as well.

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That’s certainly true of Laura Elizabeth, the cozy mystery pen name of the author of the upcoming Island Mysteries series, which starts with All Is Now Lost.

The reason behind this particular cozy mystery project is that Laura cares deeply about her beloved Daufuskie Island (called Mongin Island in the novel to make it absolutely clear to tourists that there’s no fear of killers on the real historic island in the Atlantic), She would like her readers to fall in love with this island, visit the real Daufuskie and help in the overall effort to keep the island community alive and well. 

Central to that effort is finding a healthy future for the island’s jewel: the 400-acre Melrose Resort, a lovely historic resort where Laura and her family stayed when they first were falling in love with Daufuskie. Now, they own their own home on the island, but Laura—as a successful business-person herself—knows that Daufuskie cannot let this major landmark decay. The original resort closed some years ago; Laura would love to see it reopen.

So, Laura volunteered as a community activist to help save the resort. And—the end of that particular story has not yet been written! (See the link below.)

Laura is a graduate of Babson College, which has been ranked the No. 1 college for entrepreneurship for 30 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report. Among Babson’s other noted graduates is Howard Brown, author of Shining Brightly.

This month, Laura’s story about working to promote Daufuskie is the featured profile in the Babson website’s section on leading entrepreneurs, headlined “One Woman’s Mission to Help Save a Neglected Resort.”

On behalf of all of us who care about Laura’s work: Thank you, Babson, for this honor!

Care to learn more about this remarkable woman?

It’s easy to connect with Laura through her new website: She’s very active in reaching out to community groups on behalf of her new cozy mystery, which is part of her overall vocation of highlighting her beloved island.

Check out her schedule of upcoming events.

Shop in her island-themed online gallery.

Consider reaching out to Laura for an event you’d like to plan.

And, of course, pre-order your copy of All Is Now Lost today.



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