For a major European scholar, the search for a book to teach Christian ethics is now over

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We were pleased to see a major new book review by Dr. Steven C. van den Heuvel of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Leuven, Belgium, that opens by declaring that his search for a book to help students study Christian ethics is now over.

Heuvel has decided to use Dr. David Gushee’s Introducing Christian Ethics.

Dr. Heuvel writes: “This book, drawing on twenty-eight years of teaching by the author, does an excellent job of providing an overview of the discipline, as well as an example of how to do Christian ethics. The book engages several moral issues, outlining a response to each one.” (For more about Dr. Heuvel’s own scholarly career, you can visit his faculty page in English.)

Dr. Gushee and our publishing house team were very pleased to see this appear in such a prestigious international journal for scholars. 

When we launched this publishing project together, Dr. Gushee wanted this magnum opus to bridge the gap between scholars and everyday readers. That’s why we collectively made the unique choice to include both a full audio and video version of the book within these pages. Readers can choose to either read the text—or they can click on links with each chapter to see video or listen to audio. This multimedia book is designed to help everyone explore the many timely issues Dr. Gushee discusses.

We know that his book already has been welcomed by everyday readers and has even been adopted for small-group discussion in American congregations. We also are pleased to welcome academics like Dr. Heuvel who are bringing this book into their classrooms, as well.

What is the Journal of Reformed Theology?

The journal describes itself this way:

The Journal of Reformed Theology (JRT) is a refereed international journal of systematic, historical, and biblical theology. The journal is an instrument for the study of living and contextual theology that provides a forum for debate on classical and contemporary theological issues and offers an update on new theological and biblical literature. The Journal of Reformed Theology originates from the International Reformed Theological Institute (IRTI), a world-wide network of scholars involved in Reformed theology. ‘Reformed’ refers to the theological tradition that started with the sixteenth-century Reformation in Strasbourg, Zurich and Geneva, as an expression of Christian faith of all times and places.


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