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In our Caregiving Crisis, there are so many ways we can help families rediscover hope

In this two-part series of columns, we are recommending valuable books for the 53 million Americans now coping with caregiving for loved ones. Part 1, below, introduces our most popular caregiving book—and gives you the latest data (including a colorful chart you can share with friends). This is Part 2 in the series in which Susan Stitt shares more of the diverse resources we publish that can help caregivers.

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How we are helping with America’s Explosion of Caregiver Responsibilities

America’s population of caregivers now has soared to 53 million men and women! We can help. Benjamin Pratt’s ‘Guide for Caregivers’ is a helpful handbook for coping with the stresses and strains of this overwhelming challenge. Our column shares the latest data on American caregivers—and previews how Ben Pratt’s book addresses the challenges caregivers face each day.

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Dr. Anni Reinking Is Part of the National Conversation on Race—in part—because of HARO

Dr. Anni Reinking is a vital part of the national conversation on race and racism, right now, mainly because she is a top expert—both as a noted scholar and as the White mother of a Black son. She can speak as an expert and as an educational consultant—and she can tell true stories that illustrate these issues drawn from her own experience. One way Dr. Reinking connects with journalists is via an online resource called HARO.

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Celebrate Global Culture: Ask Friends to Virtually Bake Bread with You!

Here’s an idea in the midst of COVID-19 isolation: Cook up something fresh and delicious with family and friends, wherever they live around the world. Author and world traveler Lynne Golodner invites readers to tour American history, our nation’s varied cultures and the world’s great religious traditions with stories and recipes of delicious, diverse breads.

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