Why a cozy mystery, like ‘All Is Now Lost,’ is a perfect holiday gift!

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Celebrate a ‘Charming’ Island Christmas with Laura Elizabeth

Our publishing house team is thrilled, this year, to have our first “cozy mystery” to recommend for holiday gift giving—Christmas certainly, one night in Hanukkah perhaps, or even as a New Year’s Eve party gift for a host.

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Why is this such a great gift idea?

First, because cozy mysteries are red hot right now. Google has reported rising searches for “cozy mystery” in recent years—and a big up-swing recently. These mysteries are notable for warmly engaging readers with the main characters rather than horrifying them with gory crime scenes. Yes, there’s page-turning suspense, but not the kind that leaves a sense of dread or sparks nightmares. Everyone knows there’s enough of that overwhelming trauma in our daily headlines.

In The Atlantic, Brooklyn-based author Alyse Burnside captured the allure of cozy mysteries in one word: “Charming.” Cozies are red hot, Burnside writes, because of their compelling characters—often “plucky, likable young women living in small towns. They have charmingly domestic jobs: apothecary, librarian, baker, seamstress.”

UK author Debbie Young adds: “As its name suggests, a cozy mystery is a comfort read that leaves you satisfied and at one with the world, rather than scared to sleep alone with the lights out.”

Yet another author puts it this way: “Because cozy mysteries often feature intelligent, intuitive women as the heroic amateur sleuths, they’re also the favorite reading of real-life intelligent women.”

It’s as if all three of those authors had read Laura Elizabeth’s new All Is Now Lost, the first book in The Island Mysteries series—which just debuted this autumn, 2023. Laura checks all the boxes these veteran authors have listed. Her main character is truly an “intelligent, intuitive woman” who is in transition from a career in business to running her own Books & Brew shop in the small community of an island along the Atlantic coast. Her story is about discovering the natural wonders of this real-life island, while meeting a new circle of fictional friends as they come together to solve a murder.

And that’s why Laura’s novel is a great choice for your holiday shopping.

And Psssst! Here’s one more reason to order a copy of Laura’s book, in particular, for a friend or loved one who enjoys cozies: If you know your loved one is a cozy mystery fan, then they’re almost certainly read lots of books in this genre. You may have no idea what they’ve already read. Plus, any cozy mystery fan will tell you: “We want to start with the first book in a series.” Once again, Laura Elizabeth checks both boxes: This is “Book 1” in The Island Mysteries series and, since it’s brand new, there’s little chance your friend has read it.

Want to learn more about Laura Elizabeth and her island?

Check out Laura Elizabeth’s author page: TheIslandMysteries.com

And, here’s a final, frequently cited reason that readers love cozy mysteries: The authors tend to be friendly folks, often women, who invite their readers to connect and become a real part of the author’s world. 

Of course Laura Elizabeth checks that box as well. The first words you’ll find on her website are a warm greeting: “Welcome friends, I’m glad you’re here!”

Right away, Laura invites online visitors to sign up for her free monthly newsletter. The November issue began with these heart-felt words:

Hello, Friends!

Can you believe it has already been two months since All Is Now Lost was released? The time has flown by with so many new and wonderful things about this journey. I am filled with gratitude for all the people I have met and places I traveled to as I share my story about this book and introduce the characters I love. Thank you to all who have connected with me, sent me messages, invited me into your homes (virtually or in-person), or added a review on Amazon or Goodreads. …

Readers have asked for more pictures of the island, including pictures of some of my favorite places. Please visit my website where I have some incredible pictures taken on Daufuskie and you will see some of these very special spots. I personally use some of the pictures on my own greeting cards, gift tags, and my phone’s lock screen. While you are exploring my website, please check out my store, which includes some framed and unframed prints and several different ornaments. These items are perfect for anyone who wants to experience island magic and make excellent holiday gifts!

So, if in mid November you’re “making your list and checking it twice”—add copies of All Is Now Lost  for the readers on your holiday list.

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