Howard Brown’s popular ‘Shining Brightly’ podcast is guaranteed to inspire listeners

HOWARD KNOWS HOW TO SURPRISE AND ENGAGE HIS AUDIENCE. As a lifelong entrepreneur—in fact, he’s one of the early Silicon Valley media developers—Howard understands the importance of connecting with people. That’s why he celebrates both the visually startling book cover by artist Rick Nease—and he also likes to start public appearances by donning a shiny pair of reflective sunglasses (as he did in a famous appearance at Babson College some years ago). (Clicking on this image will take you to the Amazon book page for Shining Brightly.)

Here’s a Great Way to Catch Up with Howard’s Greatest Hits

At 2024 begins, Shining Brightly author, speaker and podcaster Howard Brown is looking back over the past year of his weekly podcasts and is offering listeners a way to “catch up” on the best of his many conversations with remarkable men and women.

Howard is not alone. Many of our Front Edge Publishing authors are featured in podcasts—often as guests of other podcasters—and some of our authors produce audio and/or video themselves. But Howard’s audience has zoomed up into the top ranks of all podcasts. His daring approach to promising to inspire his listeners has drawn a global audience at a remarkable rate!

What’s the promise he makes? Just listen to the start of the “Top Shows of 2023” roundup below and you will hear him say: “Each episode takes you from resilience to hope and a whole lot more—because Shining Brightly does make the world a better place. Be prepare to be inspired!”

In this episode, Howard also mentions his overall goal of “starting a movement” with his readers and listeners. (Here’s an earlier column about that larger quest.)

Howard now is averaging more than 11,000 downloads of his podcasts each month for the new and the 60 archived episodes he has online. Those “stats” place Howard in the rarefied top ranks of successful, popular podcasts. Remember that the majority of new podcasts never reach even 10 episodes before they go dormant—and most draw audiences in the dozens, not the thousands.

So, we are inviting our readers (and listeners) who have not yet tested Howard’s inspirational promise to judge for yourself whether he delivers. Please, “catch up” with this 60th podcast:

Want more? Try these simple links!

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HOWARD’S WORK, visit his personal website that also is called simply: Shining BrightlyAt his online home, you can learn much more about his work as a global advocate for cancer patients and their families, his consulting with business leaders as a lifelong entrepreneur—and his work on interfaith peacemaking. You’ll find free, downloadable resources—and there’s a way to contact Howard if you are interested in a personal appearance.

Want tips for growing your own podcast? Howard offered podcasting tips in an earlier column.

THEN, BECAUSE HOWARD HIGHLIGHTS THESE EPISODES (in the podcast above)—Here are some easy links to a few of the best episodes he recommends:

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