Laura Elizabeth is our first author to invite readers to show their love on their Christmas trees!

Ornaments featuring images from historic Daufuskie Island off the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. Click on this image to visit Laura Elizabeth’s website to learn more.

Since our founding 2007, our authors have surprised us over and over again with innovative ideas to welcome readers. And that’s key in publishing, because we often describe a book as “a community between two covers.” Successful books manifest that “community” in the real world by welcoming readers, who wind up spreading our authors’ news far and wide. As Editor of Front Edge Publishing, I will never forget the thrill when I learned that a community group in New Zealand was going to discuss a book by our Benjamin Pratt.

Click on this cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

Now, our publishing house is thrilled that the author of our first cozy mystery—All Is Now Lost: Book 1 in The Island Mysteriesplanned well in advance to offer reasonably priced Christmas ornaments to her ever-growing circle of readers.

Last week, I devoted a column to “Why a cozy mystery, like ‘All Is Now Lost,’ is a perfect Christmas gift!Now, this week, I’m pointing out that Laura understands that gift-giving impulse, as well—and we don’t want readers to miss these delightful ornaments Laura offers on her website,

Her Christmas ornaments are part of Laura’s long-time volunteer efforts to help save the historic heart of Daufuskie Island, the historic island off the Atlantic coast where her novel is set (renamed “Mongin Island” in her cozy murder mystery just to make it clear that there’s no real danger of visiting Daufuskie). For example, one of the ornaments features a closeup of the island’s distinctive version of “tabby,” a centuries-old method of making concrete from shells.

Laura also has a beautiful array of prints from the island for sale—and we know they are popular because readers keep asking her to make more of her images available.

Photos from historic Daufuskie Island off the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. Click on this image to visit Laura Elizabeth’s website to learn more.



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