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What Is the Value of Entering Contests for Book Awards and Prizes?

Book awards heighten the authority of a book. Readers are impressed that independent judges have concluded your book has special value. In this first of three columns about book awards, Editor David Crumm explains why awards matter in marketing new books. He also answers questions such as: How many book contests are there? How much does it cost to enter?

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A unique twist! Our publishing software makes it easy to customize books for your group or event

One of the truly unique services Front Edge offers is customization of books for group orders. In this column, Marketing Director Susan Stitt explains why Front Edge is able to offer this unusual service. This option has proven to be a valuable service for groups nationwide. Churches, corporations, event planners and now even police departments are requesting customized editions. Susan also shares examples, including photos of one group’s customized order.

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Lightning Source Indie Days 2018: Independent publishers meet to share new ideas for marketing books

This past week, several of us from Front Edge attended the annual independent publishers conference hosted by the giant book wholesaler Ingram and its cutting-edge team at Lightning Source. Each year, the conference shares the latest news, research data and ideas for improving both Content and Production. In this column, we share a half dozen news items of interest to writers, publishers and other media professionals.

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Solus Jesus: A Theology of Resistance

If you read one book this year about the future of Christianity, then choose this book. Five hundred years ago the Protestant Reformation claimed the Bible as the authoritative guide for Christian living (“Sola Scriptura!” Only Scripture!). In this groundbreaking work, Emily Swan and Ken Wilson claim the authority of the church is shifting back […]

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Book Design: How should an author format a book manuscript for publication?

One of the most common questions authors ask is: How should I format my manuscript before sending it to you for publication?

A simple question, right?

But the answer depends on your choice of a publisher.

So, if you are an author puzzling over how to format your beloved manuscript, this column is likely to be exceedingly good news! If you work with Front Edge Publishing, we can boil down what you need to do into …

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