Celebrating with Howard Brown the ‘International Impact’ of his memoir Shining Brightly

This International Impact Book Award was given to Howard Brown for the many lessons of resilience in his memoir ‘Shining Brightly.’

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This week we are celebrating with Howard Brown, author of the new memoir Shining Brightly, who has won an International Impact Book Award. 

That award program is the brainchild of media entrepreneur Nim Stant, who was born in Thailand and whose early career was in Asian-Contemporary dance and choreography in both Thai and Indian classical traditions. Moving to the U.S., Stant pioneered ways to use various cultural disciplines—including her experience in yoga—to help develop leadership skills for professionals in business and media. She also launched a series of TV interviews, public appearances and the International Impact Book Awards program to highlight “ideas that impact the world in positive and uplifting ways.” Her previous book awards have included authors writing about the empowerment of women, entrepreneurial spirit, challenges in minority communities and remembrance of the Holocaust.

That’s how Shining Brightly wound up being honored in a presentation of an International Book Impact Award by Stant to Howard Brown in Toronto.

Why had she chosen to honor Howard’s memor? 

“Our audience needs this message right now,” Stant said to Howard. “You never know all the challenges that are happening in people’s lives. And your message is about how people can survive anything that comes their way.”

Nim Stant presenting the International Impact Book Award to Howard Brown in Toronto.

Care to learn more?

Click on the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

This is a perfect moment to become one of Howard’s growing global community of friends by ordering your copy of his book.

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