Howard Brown helps readers personalize their gifts. (Get yours now.)

One of the suggestions I make to all of the authors we publish is: “Let’s design some bookplates for your new book so that readers who buy your book from Amazon, or other online bookstores, can have a ‘signed copy’ of your book.”

Because Howard’s new book Shining Brightly is taking off like a rocket—with a “No. 1 Best Seller in Books about Cancer” on its debut day on Amazon, for example—he’s very busy these days personalizing bookplates for readers.

Recently, he and his wife Lisa turned their dining room table over to this signing project, laying out more than 100 of these bookplates to dry so the ink from Howard’s pen won’t smear as he sends them off to readers.

“I’m happy to do this for any reader who comes to my website and signs up with their email for updates,” Howard said. “That way, we’re connected by email and they can request a personalized bookplate.”

Howard’s book is about more than resiliency in surviving cancer, although that is one of the three major themes that is turning this book into an instant best seller on Amazon. His book also is about the American entrepreneurial spirit—and about how Howard, as a Jewish leader for many years, encourages everyone to build interfaith relationships.

“So, yes, I’m Jewish and this week on October 4-5, I’m not doing anything during Yom Kippur, following tradition. But I am busy every other day,” Howard said. “And let me be clear about this to readers: If you’re shopping now for the year-end holidays, I’m happy to personalize a bookplate with ‘Happy Hanukkah’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ for you and your loved ones. Just let me know the personal message you’d like me to write. The message has to be limited to just a few words, because these bookplates are not that big, but I could write something like, ‘Merry Christmas Kathryn!’ and then sign my name. Or, ‘Happy Hanukkah Sam!’ and then my autograph.

“But, here’s my one suggestion: Buy those books right now and let me know what you want on your bookplates, because the time will fly this autumn.”

Howard’s right. The closer we get to the year-end holidays, the more book shipments begin to back up.

So, what are you waiting for?


This is a perfect moment to become one of Howard’s growing global community of friends by ordering your copy of his book.

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