Watch Laura Elizabeth “unbox” our first cozy mystery! And George A. Mason “unbox” his new book, too!

And the Biggest Reveal here is:
Thanks to Laura Elizabeth, we’ve got our first Cozy Mystery coming soon!

Preorder your copy today!

There’s lots of news in this week’s Front Edge Publishing column!

It takes a lot of exclamation points to express how excited we are!!!

Click on the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

Right now, you can pre-order our first cozy mystery: Laura Elizabeth’s All Is Now Lost. And you can pre-order George A. Mason’s The Word Made Fresh, which we featured in last week’s Cover Story

Rest assured: If you are among the millions of cozy mystery fans out there, you will be hearing a whole lot more about Laura Elizabeth’s cozy series in the months ahead. But, today, I want to focus on the importance of capturing that initial author excitement!!! with an “unboxing” video.

A key step in marketing your new book is sharing a video of the moment when you see your finished book in print for the very first time. These unboxing videos are very popular on social media sites including YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter.

Tips for making the best unboxing videos:

The first thing to know about unboxing videos is that the goal is to express your excitement in seeing your book (aka your blood, sweat and tears) in print! Whether it’s been a year in the making, a matter of months or maybe even days, this video should portray excitement for a task well done. Use words like excited, nervous, proud and thrilled. The whole point is to show your excitement and to get your future readers excited as well. 

Choose your video’s setting thoughtfully. Authors are tasked with building a community of readers and/or potential readers. Think about the genre of your book and choose your background appropriately. Are you a non-fiction author who wants to portray a level of professionalism? Consider having your unboxing video shot in a place that reflects your authority or expert status. 

Are you a fiction writer whose audience will enjoy a sneak peek into your private world? Fiction readers want to be welcomed like friends. Choose a background that your readers can identify with, wear clothing that is relatable. Unfortunately the world is full of creepers, so I caution you to not reveal too much about your private life, but a sneak peek will go a long way in making you feel relatable and not just an unknown name on a page. 

When you post your video to social media, choose the sites where your book will see the most potential book buyers. The use of hashtags will help people find your video. I suggest #unboxing, #bookunboxing and #books. 

Cozy mystery writer Laura Elizabeth recently got to see her new book, All Is Now Lost for the very first time. In her video you will see that Laura is smiling and is excited. She’s dressed casually and is in a home setting. 

Click the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

Rev. Dr. George A. Mason recently got to see his new book, The Word Made Fresh for the very first time. In his unboxing video, he also chose a home setting, he’s dressed casually, the background is not distracting and best of all, he is thrilled to see his beautiful new book and that comes across to the viewers.  

Can you feel their excitement?

Can you feel our excitement?

Please join in and pre-order your copies today!

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