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How I brought vivid images from the riches of Catholic culture to Arcadia Publishing

Contributing writer Patricia Montemurri, a veteran journalist and author, writes about her experiences producing photo-filled books with Arcadia Publishing. In March 2020, she published her third book about the amazingly progressive Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters, based in her home state of Michigan. The sisters have transformed themselves from school teachers to pioneers in modeling green architecture and living.

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The reach of eBook platforms for Publishers from Kindle to Kobo

Why do we emphasize the need to release new books in all of the major eBook formats? Our Director of Production Dmitri Barvinok explains the basics of this important phase of our work, including examples from Kindle to Kobo about the unique reach of various devices and platforms. Yes, eBook sales have declined as an overall share of book sales, but millions of Americans still are buying and reading in these digital formats.

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