Introducing David Morris and his new Lake Shore Books publishing house

We just learned that our friend David Morris, who was Zondervan’s vice president and publisher until 2020, has hung out a shingle for his new publishing venture at 

We already work closely with David in developing and marketing books by Christian ethicist David Gushee, valuable work that David does as a consult to Dr. Gushee.

Now, David is planning to open his own mid-sized publishing house with the following mission:

Books about Values and Strategies, Not Ideologies

In the past we’ve used certainties to construct our identities, but the future will be something new. It’s story, beautiful symbolism, body and movement, wisdom, and action shared in new community. We can create values around these rich components, not ideologies to recapture a provincial past. Let’s be entrepreneurs for hope, inclusion, and empowerment.

Authors That Are Real

No gimmicks, no faux spirituality, no quick fix, no presumptuousness, and no fear. We work with authors that are grassroots and independent-minded. They are spiritually rich, contextually intelligent, focused on human flourishing, and eager to solve today’s problems. They tell real-life, gritty stories, aren’t afraid of the margins, and ask the meaty questions.

Helping Readers Own Their Culture

We now live in a more transparent world, and no one should have to hide who they are to fit in. We can own our culture and understand what role it can play. We can proudly be who we are, without losing our broader community or being offensive. We can shift our focus and our frame of mind in a world of mixing culture.

We couldn’t agree more! In fact, we see echoes of our own 10 Principles of Publishing in what David has laid out as his mission statement.

Care to read more?

Check out David’s new “blog” area, where you’ll find three columns with which he’s kick starting this area of his website.

Welcome to independent publishing David!

We hope to see you and your community of authors engaged in global conversations for years to come!

You may want to visit him and wish him well either at his new website or over at his Linked-in page.


About David Crumm

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