Dr. David Gushee Welcomes Visitors at his Website with Helpful Resources

Clicking on this photo will take you to Dr. David P. Gushee’s website where you will find text and video resources about his work. When you visit his website, please sign up for his free bi-weekly newsletter.

Inspiring Teacher Opens Doors Online

Since the founding of our publishing house in 2007, Dr. David Gushee ranks as our single most sought-after author by his thousands of readers around the world. That interest in connecting with Dr. Gushee is only going to increase in early 2022 as we launch his new book, Introduction to Christian Ethics: Core Convictions for Christians Today.

In this inspiring new book, Dr. Gushee takes his many years of teaching and experience to offer a definitive, comprehensive overview of the Christian moral life. What does it mean to be a Christian in today’s turbulent world? Dr. Gushee has been an influential voice in American religious life as an ethicist, pastor and activist. He’s advocated on issues ranging from torture and climate change to truth in politics and LGBTQ inclusion. Drawing on Dr. Gushee’s own work and life story but also a demographically diverse set of sources, these 25 chapters cover general principles like virtues, truthfulness, love, and justice. The book explores timely issues including creation, patriarchy, White supremacy, abortion, sexuality and marriage, politics and crime.

For News on the Launch of ‘Introduction to Christian Ethics’

As Dr. Gushee’s publishers, you will find ongoing coverage of this upcoming book’s launch in our www.ReadTheSpirit.com online magazine. So, if you have not already done so, now is a good time to visit the magazine’s home page and click on the green button in the upper right corner that says: “Get free updates by email.” You can opt to receive a weekly email update each Monday that lists our new stories, columns and reviews. Don’t worry—you can cancel anytime you’d like.

To Connect with Dr. Gushee and Explore a Wealth of Resources

Then, we also recommend a visit to Dr. Gushee’s home website, which provides more in-depth news and special resources about his work around the world—and this new book. 

“Dr. Gushee’s home website really is a portal helping Christians today to find their way forward in a post-Christian world, to help them think about the Christian moral life with principled ideas, and to engage with one of America’s leading Christian ethicists,” said David Morris, Gushee’s literary agent.

Among the resources you will find:

  • All of David Gushee’s recent articles and opinion pieces that encourage ethical ways of thinking about recent events
  • Links to the recent Kingdom Ethics podcast episodes
  • Links to his social media accounts
  • A full list of Gushee’s books, starting with some of his most recent and relevant. Some of these books have chapters you can sample and discussion guides for small groups.
  • Videos of Dr. Gushee speaking, especially his “Landmark Talk on Ending LGBTQ Contempt” at The Reformation Project, and the fascinating talk he gave on Black fiction writers’ potrayals of Whiteness at his American Academy of Religion presidential address.
  • Links to the syllabuses (including reading lists) of his current classroom teaching on war and peace, genocide and great moral leaders.
  • Topics that Dr. Gushee can speak on to your local organization or group.
  • Most important: You can subscribe to his bi-weekly newsletter for immediate access to his articles, event information and more, and get instant access to his “10 Reasons Why I Changed My Mind on Full LGBTQ Inclusion.”

Please, take a moment to visit Dr. Gushee’s home website now. Thank you!

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