Mindy Corporon: Telling Her Story though the Most Powerful Social Media

Need some inspiration this week? You can watch this entire YouTube conversation with Mindy Corporon (below) in this column about the importance of social media.

Every week, our Marketing Director Susan Stitt urges our authors to join in “the national conversation” by posting to Facebook and YouTube, in particular.

That’s because Susan understands where millions of Americans are spending time each day. And, just to confirm that, last week Pew Research posted its annual overview of social media usage across the U.S.

The power of YouTube dominates all other forms of social media.

See why YouTube and Facebook matter so much?

Clicking on this chart will take you to the Pew Research Center’s 2024 report on “Americans’ Social Media Use,” which includes usage rates for Snapchat, Twitter and Linkedin. On that webpage, you also will find a link (upper right corner on that page) to download the entire 30-page PDF of Pew’s latest research on social media. It’s fascinating reading!

Have You Heard Mindy’s Story?

It’s a timely and inspiring story well worth sharing with friends.

We are pleased to share this wonderful example of a YouTube podcast that lifts up a very timely true story—and brings it to viewers with Mindy’s message of resilience, compassion and hope.

Care to learn more?

Click on the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page, where it is available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and audio versions.

Mindy is the co-founder of Workplace Healing, which helps companies reach out when their employees experience personal life disruptions like the death of a loved one, an unsettling medical diagnosis, or a demanding caregiving situation.

Mindy also is the author of Healing a Shattered Soul, a memoir that takes readers inside her family’s struggle, the support of their faith community and her commitment to courageous kindness. A popular speaker, teacher and writer, Mindy has dedicated her life to encouraging kindness, faith and healing in congregations, companies and communities.

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