Our new cozy mystery author Laura Elizabeth is praised in regional media for her authenticity in capturing island life

LAST WEEK, we reported on the launch of Laura Elizabeth’s unique cozy mystery, which is based on the real-life, historic Daufuskie Island off the Atlantic Coast.

NOW—we’re pleased to see other news media chiming in with their own recommendations of this novel. And, we are especially thrilled to see media from that part of the U.S. affirming that Laura really captured the beauty and culture of local island life.

One of the most glowing regional endorsements appears in Celebrate! magazine headlined: Island Magic: Local Author Pens Mystery Series Based on Passion for Daufuskie Island. The journalists at Celebrate! know Daufuskie and are telling readers that Laura’s novel “celebrates the gentle breezes, the miles of incredible beaches, tall protective oak canopies and the resilient people who live and thrive in the region. … This is a tale of advocating, commitment, and believing in something bigger than yourself.”

In the article, Laura says:

“Daufuskie Island is a gem surrounded by the Calibogue Sound, the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. It is an island that immediately settles your soul,” she said. “With its large old oak trees, miles of soft sand and hidden natural treasures, its beauty stands alone. While there may be other Southern places that seem familiar, Daufuskie is its own magic; there is something immediately compelling about a place that can speak to you with its quiet, that can inspire you with its beauty, that can allow you to dream by sharing its natural bounty and can welcome you with all the possibility tucked in its mystery.”

The Celebrate! team urges readers to order a copy of Laura’s novel “to learn more about the healing power of community and what it is like to experience the tranquil energy of being soothed as if by magic.”

At the end of the Celebrate! article, we were pleased to see how these journalists summarized the larger value and charm of this new novel:

Perhaps Laura’s larger message is less about her mystery series and more about personal passion. “If you feel called to do something—something bigger than yourself—I encourage you to lean into it,” she said. “The world is waiting to see what project you have on your heart! I believe when you put good things—well intentioned things—into the universe, you open yourself up to receiving many unexpected gifts. And that is the true meaning of island magic.”

Ready to order your own copy of Laura’s first mystery, titled All Is Now Lost?

It’s available from Amazon in Kindle, paperback and hardcover editions.

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