Our Authors Are Offering Free Resources to Cope with the COVID19 Crisis

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Click this photo of university chaplain and author Nathan Albert to read about his free offer of podcasts about spiritual practices that can revive our hope and joy. And, in that column, you’ll also learn about his offer of a free Discussion Guide to his memoir.

Our founding Publisher John Hile set the tone for our entire community of authors and editors in early March: “We’re known for publishing books that help people. In the middle of this pandemic, let’s find ways to do more.”

Our authors are responding in many ways—and continue to come up with fresh ideas every week.

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Then, this week (April 12-18), we just published news of university chaplain Nathan Albert who is offering an inspiring series of free podcasts about rediscovering ancient spiritual disciplines that can reconnect with God’s joyful presence—and he’s also offering a free downloadable Discussion Guide to his memoir, Embracing Love, that’s perfect for small groups meeting virtually these days.

Get Rabbi (and standup comic) Bob Alper’s “Quick Laugh”

Beloved author and standup comic Rabbi Bob Alper is offering a QUICK LAUGH in your email inbox. Bob is both a practicing rabbi and a nationally known standup comic as well as a regular part of the Sirius/XM Satellite Radio clean comedy lineup, often sandwiched between Bob Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld. In Spring 2020, Bob is launching a “Quick Laugh” email that sends a short video clip from his standup routines to your inbox—usually just a minute of mirth that will leave you smiling for the rest of the day. Click this link to visit Bob’s site and sign up for Quick Laugh—you can cancel anytime, but, hey, we know you won’t. You’ll enjoy it too much.

Make a New Facebook Friend

Martin Davis, a contributing columnist at ReadTheSpirit and a veteran journalist, knows how important it is to connect with online friends to share uplifting stories. He is inviting readers to visit his personal Facebook page and connect. Occasionally via Facebook, he plans to add further reflections on the news and stories we are sharing and invite friends to chime in as well.

Clicking this photo takes you to Debra’s YouTube channel where you can hear her read true stories from her book, This Jewish Life.

Enjoy Debra Darvick Reading to You from ‘This Jewish Life’

Debra Darvick, the author of This Jewish Life: Stories of Discovery, Connection and Joy, recently began reading aloud chapters from her book on her YouTube channel. The book shares dozens of true stories about Jewish men, women and families experiencing the various seasons of the Jewish year. That includes Out of Bondage, in which Joanna Berger remembers inviting to her seder a Jewish family who had just emigrated from the former Soviet Union. (NOTE: Debra already has posted 3 videos of her readings, including Out of Bondage. She plans to add chapters in coming weeks. If you care to hear more of her stories, visit Debra’s YouTube channel and click “Subscribe.“)

Clicking on this image from Zaman International will take you to Najah Bazzy’s video. Or, simply scroll down and you can see the video below.

‘GLOWING BLUE’ for First Responders

Muslim author and internationally known founder of the Zaman International charitable program, Najah Bazzy, is sharing a video message inviting everyone to “glow blue” in the effort to honor our front-liners—including health care professionals, first-responders and food service workers—who are leading the fight against COVID-19. Najah was recently honored by the CNN network for her work at Zaman, which specializes in helping at-risk women and children through a wide range of programs. She also was featured in People magazine’s Women Changing the World in 2020. Najah began her career as a national leader in the movement to promote cross-cultural awareness in healthcare.

Here is her video (please share this with friends):

LEARN MORE ABOUT RAMADAN—Najah’s book The Beauty of Ramadan is available through Amazon or our own Front Edge Publishing bookstore. More than 1 billion Muslims fast in the holy month of Ramadan, revitalizing their faith, celebrating the holy Quran and renewing their commitment to helping needy people around the world. This book is a simple guide to these sacred traditions, written for Muslims and non-Muslims as well. The book is useful for those working to promote diversity.

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