How friends of George A. Mason brought ‘The Word Made Fresh’ to readers at home and around the world

The Rev. Dr. George A. Mason begins the process of signing 500 copies of his new book, The Word Made Fresh, for members of Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, at an hours-long reception before and after services on Sunday June 4. And that’s Gail Brookshire sitting next to him, helping to greet people and prepare their books for George to sign. (Photo by Allan Akins used with permission.)

EDITOR’s Note: Front Edge Publishing produces books both with individual authors and with organizations, ranging from universities and national nonprofits to communities like the uniquely creative Wilshire Baptist Church in Texas. The following column was written by the head of the Wilshire publishing project, Gail Brookshire, with photos by her husband Steve and Allan Akins and with further reporting from her team member Ann Worley.


One year ago, I was invited to take part in a project that has turned into an amazing adventure.

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Four of us from Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, were tasked with creating a gift for our beloved pastor, the Rev. Dr. George A. Mason, upon the occasion of his retirement after serving our congregation for 33 years.

After carefully and thoughtfully reviewing all the sermons preached over those years, we selected the ones we thought most represented his work and created the draft of a book. This draft was presented to him as a gift, hoping that, with his input, it might be published both as a gift to the congregation and as a gift to the broader world.

The only problem was: Apart from a self-publishing route, none in our group knew how to publish a book.

I began to reach out to anyone I could think of who could help direct us. After countless calls and emails, many which went unanswered, through my friend Mark Wingfield at Baptist News Global, I was directed to David Morris. I was told that David provided consulting services for would-be authors and editors. So, I called David out of the blue one day. He responded with such kindness and professionalism, asking me lots of questions about our book. His questions and responses brought clarity and focus to our project, guiding me to rethink what we hoped to accomplish through the work. And, among other suggestions, he pointed me to Front Edge Publishing (FEP) as a company who might have interest in our project.

This began quite a journey!

Soon, I met FEP co-founder David Crumm. After sending him a few sample chapters, I was thrilled that David Crumm shared our enthusiasm for the work, telling me he couldn’t believe what he was reading came from a Baptist pastor in Dallas, Texas. Indeed, our pastor offers a unique voice of compassion and challenge to the world’s conversation.

I can hardly believe that we have a book in hand now, exactly one year after this idea was birthed. All because of the support, guidance, and encouragement of the FEP team, including Production Manager Dmitri Barvinok and Marketing Director Susan Stitt who continues to work with our team every week.

They took us step-by-step through every part of bringing our vision to reality, ultimately creating something we hope will reach a broad array of readers, bringing hope and good news to many. I offer my sincere gratitude to all the Front Edge Publishing staff for helping complete novices like me and my colleagues accomplish something we only dreamed of.

When the big book signing day arrived on June 4, 2023, it was such great fun sending The Word Made Fresh out into the world. As George began signing books, I helped by making sure each name was right for his inscriptions.

Then my friend and publishing-team member Ann Worley wrote the following:

The signing was scheduled from 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 12:00-2:00 p.m. on Trinity Sunday, a fitting tribute to its theologian-author. Excitement was in the air, and a line of eager recipients, from children to seniors, stretched from the signing table, through James Gallery, and into the hallway of the sanctuary.

Wilshire member Mike McWillams remarked, “This is such an appropriate gift, a gift that gives back.”

A number of people hoped aloud that their favorite sermon would be included, and many expressed appreciation for the audio/video element of the book.

“This is more than a collection of sermons,” noted parishioner Steve Brookshire. “It’s a hopeful sign that the Church can still be a relevant voice in today’s world.”

Wilshire gathered for worship at 11:00, between the signing times. Toward the end of the service, current Senior Pastor Timothy Peoples called Mason to the chancel for a brief presentation. “This book,” he said, “represents not just George’s words, but his heart, his faith, his love.” Sending the first copies forth into the world from the church where the sermons originated seemed a perfect beginning for this much-anticipated book.

The Word Made Fresh is published by Read the Spirit, an imprint of Front Edge Publishing. It is available for pre-sale on Amazon, with an official publication date of June 23. Mason’s next book signing will take place at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship General Assembly in Atlanta, GA, on June 28-29.

During the June 4, 2023, service at Wilshire Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, George A. Mason was honored by his successor as Senior Pastor Timothy Peoples on the occasion of the signing of George’s book for members of the congregation. (Photo by Steve Brookshire used with permission.) 

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Our ReadTheSpirit online magazine features an interview with George Mason—and input from some of the enthusiastic early readers of his book.

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And visit George’s similarly brand-new—which is a gateway both to his new book and to all of George’s ongoing work now that he has moved to emeritus status with Wilshire. When you first visit, sign up for his free email updates. (It’s easy to cancel anytime, but we doubt you’ll want to cancel.) Then, the website also makes it easy to Contact George, if you’re interested in an invitation to speak or have other questions.

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