Celebrate Global Culture: Ask Friends to Virtually Bake Bread with You!

Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads by Lynne Golodner book cover
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Recently, we published a ReadTheSpirit cover story by Elisa Di Benedetto in Italy and Martin Davis in the D.C. area—who managed to cook up a shared pot of minestrone soup across the 4,300 miles that separate them. Talk about social distancing at dinner time!!

We received so much positive feedback from readers about that story—that we are following up with this reminder of an easy way to connect with diverse religious and cultural traditions around the world—by baking bread.

Enjoy eating? Fascinated with faith? Like to share with friends? You’ll love this book about timeless spiritual connections between food and faith. Lynne Meredith Golodner invites you to enjoy stories that circle the globe, then step into your kitchen to make breads from sacred traditions in Native American, Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. This is a perfect choice for group discussions with friends taking turns baking a new treat each week. Lynne’s stories will inspire you to share your own!

What’s in the book?

Author Lynne Golodner—founder of Your People LLC—takes readers on an adventure back into American history, then circling the continent with connections that ultimately touch cultures around the world.

She starts with poet Emily Dickinson’s recipe for Cocnut Cake, then takes us through pretzels (a tradition of Arms Crossed in Prayer), then on through Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Native American breads.

Get a copy for yourself—and a copy for a friend or loved one (or for multiple friends)—and do what Elisa and Martin did with their minestrone soup! Get everyone literally on the same page of Lynne’s book—trying the same breads virtually in your homes, wherever they may be.

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Not sure which friends (or family members) might want to try this idea? Share this column via social media and see who might like to join you. You may be surprised! Elisa and Martin are still startled by the results of their trans-Atlantic pot of soup!

Flavors of Faith is available via Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble as well as our own Front Edge Publishing bookstore.

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