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Welcome to our new website! We hope to hear from you with fresh ideas and questions—because our publishing house specializes in building healthy communities through great media.

To us, great media is professional: fair, accurate and balanced in our approach to sharing information and top-quality in our editing, design and production.

Great media also is innovative, one of our founding specialties at Front Edge. From our origins in 2007, we have redesigned the traditional approach to preparing and publishing books so that the elements contained in each book—text, images and even video and web links—can be rapidly updated and adapted for use in other emerging forms of media, including all formats of e-books. Our unique publishing software system was custom designed with authors in mind by one of the nation’s leading software developers: our Publisher John Hile.

Why is it so important to adapt to authors’ needs and creative ideas? Because we believe that great media also places the author in a central role of creative decision making along with our talented professionals. Unlike most publishing houses, which require authors to sign away rights and give up control of their work, Front Edge works with authors in the production and ongoing development of their books.

Our founding promise: Great media builds healthy communities.

That’s why we have successfully partnered with so many authors as well as major nonprofits nationwide, including public television, the Humane Society in the U.S., United Way, the national Social Innovation Fund, Michigan State University School of Journalism, the Arab-American ACCESS network, the cancer-support organization Little Pink Houses of Hope—and many other groups.

When we launched more than a decade ago, we began by publishing 10 principles that our professionals live by to this day. They may sound idealistic, but many authors and partnering organizations have found that these ideals provide a solid foundation for innovative, groundbreaking publishing. In fact, the Louisville-based nonprofit Center for Families Learning, which promotes literacy nationwide, distributed copies of our 10 principles to its regional representatives at the Center’s 2016 national conference.

Our 10 Principles

  1. It’s about the voice, not the book. The power lies in the message itself, not in any particular form of media.
  2. The truth always comes out. So, it’s best to rigorously pursue the truth.
  3. We must look for the truth in every stage and condition of life—because we often overlook the voices of the most vulnerable among us.
  4. It’s about connection, not competition. Our messages should call people together, not divide them.
  5. The most powerful stories are in the lives of ordinary people, who often assume they have nothing to contribute. We must draw them out.
  6. People need inspiration now. It’s a truth emerging in poll after poll and it’s certainly true in publishing.
  7. We are in an era of profound change in our human relationship to our planet. Great publishing helps us to more clearly see our place in the world.
  8. Inspiration moves through community. It’s been true for thousands of years. Good media builds healthier communities.
  9. Radical transparency is good business, certainly in publishing.
  10. Peace is possible. Choose to contribute to peace, not conflict, and our audience will grow.

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About David Crumm

David Crumm is founding Editor of Front Edge Publishing. Nationally, he is known as a veteran journalist—a top writer and editor—with experience both in the U.S. and overseas. He is based in Canton, Michigan, where he also serves as Editor of Read the Spirit online magazine. His columns on trends in media appear twice a month on our Front Edge Publishing website.

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