Marking National Invest in Veterans Week with 100 Questions and Answers about Veterans

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-7—Many of our Holidays & Festivals stretch back thousands of years—while new ones pop up all the time. Often the newer celebrations are driven by entrepreneurs, which is how Iraq War veteran and syndicated columnist Jeff Shuford and the NFL‘s Drayton Florence launched Invest in Veterans Week last year. They also are co-founders of a company called Tech from Vets that offers an app to help promote their cause.

As media entrepreneurs ourselves, we wish them well on highlighting an important goal: Helping our 18 million American veterans provide for their families after their years of service.

Here at Front Edge Publishing, we also are committed to lifting up our veterans and the men and women who employ them.

100 Questions & Answers about Veterans

In , we teamed up with the Michigan State University School of Journalism’s Bias Busters and published 100 Questions and Answers about Veterans, part of our ongoing series of cultural competence guide books. Series Editor, Joe Grimm wrote about the Veteran’s guide in this Read the Spirit cover story. As you’ll read in Joe’s story, understanding veterans and their very special circumstances is key.

The Foreword to 100 Questions and Answers About Veterans was written by U.S. Army veteran and Dancing With The Stars Champion, motivational speaker and author, J.R. Martinez. In all of his work, J.R. encourages civilians to ask veterans questions.

Listen and try not to judge or to let your perceptions get in the way of our answers. And in turn, we will allow ourselves to understand that it is our duty to teach. It’s a partnership we will all have to agree on to shorten the distance between our two worlds.

The Black Knight: An African American Family’s Journey from West Point

The Black Knight by Clifford Worthy Book Cover
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, Front Edge Publishing was honored to publish the memoir of a true American hero, Ret. Col. Clifford Worthy.

Col. Worthy is the oldest living African American graduate from West Point military academy. Col Worthy’s memoir, The Black Knight: An African-American Family’s Journey from West Point—a Life of Duty, Honor and Country takes readers through his memorable life as the great-grandson of American slaves to his distinguished career in the U.S. Army. ReadTheSpirit Editor David Crumm shares with readers the insights he gathered as he worked with Col. Worthy in preparing his manuscript.

The folks from National Day Calendar have these suggestions for ways to observe and to show your support for veteran business owners during National Invest In Veterans week.

  • Promote Veteran-Owned Businesses on Social Media.
  • Buy from Veteran-Owned Businesses.
  • Host a workshop for aspiring veteran entrepreneurs.
  • Nurture Veteran Startups (Grants, Fundraisers, Complimentary B2B Services, Award-Ceremonies).
  • Partner with a veteran-owned business.
  • Host a gathering of Veteran-Owned Businesses.
  • Mentor a veteran entrepreneur.
  • Promote National Invest In Veterans Week via social media.
  • Share your favorite veteran entrepreneur or veteran business on Social Media using #NationalInvestInVeteransWeek.

Both 100 Questions and Answers About Veterans and The Black Knight are available for purchase on Amazon, and from the Front Edge Publishing bookstore. Please let us know if we can help you with bulk orders of either book or if you’d like to inquire about a custom edition of either for your business, church or school.

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