It’s so easy to help spread this Good News: Please, save 11:55 a.m. May 25 to help us launch ‘What Belongs to God’

We’re calling on all friends of our publishing house to help us spread the word about the 11:55 a.m. (Eastern Time) Tuesday, May 25, 2021, launch of What Belongs to God: Reflections on Peacemaking by a Conscientious Objector by David Livingston Edwards. 

The launch event will be live online with appearances by a number of people associated with this new book.

Help us spread the word? Please go to our social media posts previewing this event—and share them with your friends and family.

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Q: Why Is Social Media Sharing So Important?

Answer No. 1: Because this book is all about the courage to “choose peace” today. In fact “Choosing Peace” is the title of the free discussion guide that is bound into this book. Yes, this is truly a book-on-a-mission—specifically to encourage men and women everywhere, especially Christians, to remember the timeless spiritual calling to be peacemakers.

Here is our ReadTheSpirit magazine cover story about the book launch, which includes even more information about the book.

Answer No. 2: We’re asking you to share this news across your social media, because in publishing today social media is a valuable lifeline to help people discover that a new book is launching in our world.

According to Pew Research roughly seven-in-ten Americans say they use social media—a share that has remained relatively stable over the past five years. So if you’re interested in an efficient and effective way to sell  more books, your best bet is to reach out to the nearly three-quarters of our population who are looking at social media for news.

This article about social media use by Pew Research goes on to confirm what we’ve discussed in this blog before.

Earlier, David Crumm advised in a column that YouTube and Facebook are the big guns in social media. YouTube’s share of the market continues to grow, while Facebook’s share has remained pretty flat. If you only have energy for two platforms, YouTube and Facebook are where you should concentrate your efforts. Depending on the demographic you’re reaching for, Instagram and LinkedIn are the next platforms to add to your social media outreach. The Pew Research article is chock full of data and I encourage you to read it thoroughly and absorb the information that pertains to the genre that you are writing about.

Q: What if I’m reading this column after May 25? What can I share, then?

A: We’ve got you covered!

Below you will find a couple of easy-to-save graphics you can share to spread this news. Just right click on the images, save them and you can place them in whatever media you’re using to reach people.

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