How do you launch a book? One important step is a pre-sale appeal to friends and colleagues.

EDITOR’S NOTE—Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, we are publishing one of the most inspiring books our team has had the pleasure to prepare. With the release of Shining Brightly by Howard Brown, we’re all thinking: New Year? New Hope! In the weeks leading up to that launch, we also are going to take readers inside our publishing house for glimpses of the many ways we share such good news with the world. This week in our Read The Spirit online magazine, for example, we are publishing the book’s Foreword by best-selling author and psychologist Dr. Robert J. Wicks. At the same time, here in our Front Edge Publishing website, we are sharing some of the nuts and bolts of a book launch. Below, you will find a sample email we encourage authors to send to their readers to build excitement about a new book. If you care to help in spreading this good news into the world, please start right now by visiting Amazon and pre-ordering your copy.

The subject line for this email reads:

Please pre-order Shining Brightly before September 27

Then, here is this email’s text, prepared with author Howard Brown:

Click the cover to visit the book’s Amazon page.

Shining Brightly, my new memoir, is available for pre-sale now!

I need your help! Many of you already have seen early drafts of this book. You’ve told me that you love the stories—and have found it to be a real “page turner.”

If you believe in me and my message, please pre-order Shining Brightly now, before the September 27 launch day!

There are many ways you can help spread this good news.

First, it’s important to pre-order Shining Brightly right away to build Amazon’s own awareness of the book’s importance. Based on vigorous pre-orders, Amazon is more likely to recommend this book to other readers searching for new books.

Right now, you also can share the news of Shining Brightly with your friends, relatives, colleagues and social media followers. Please use the hashtag #ShiningBrightly.

Consider telling friends proudly: “I’m in this book!” That’s a powerful acknowledgment that we’re all i this together. Because a major themes of Shining Brightly is gratitude, I have shared dozens of stories about the men and women who have inspired me throughout my life. In addition, I convinced my publisher to let me formally name, acknowledge and thank hundreds of others in these pages—in appreciation of so many of you who work tirelessly across our communities to encourage healing, resiliency and peacemaking. 

Then, by pre-ordering the book now you will get your copy right at the September 27 launch date and can then post a “verified purchase” review on Amazon, which also will increase the likelihood that Amazon will show this book to other customers.

Once you and others begin to post Amazon reviews, please return to the book page and see what others are saying. You’re likely to enjoy seeing who else pops up there. And, as you read those other reviews, click the most positive reviews as “Helpful”—yet another sign to Amazon that this book should be recommended to other shoppers.

Thank you for becoming an ally in this growing community of Shining Brightly readers!

Howard Brown
Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Healthcare Advocate and Consultant

Visit me at:

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Susan Stitt is marketing director of Front Edge Publishing. Over the years, she has guided many authors through the challenging process of launching books and developing strategies that will grow readership. She also has worked widely with nonprofits. Now, she shares her expertise twice each month on our Front Edge Publishing website.

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