‘Healing the World’ is among our many books building healthier communities around the world

Click on this image from the website of Nicaragua-based AMOS to learn more about the many ways this nonprofit helps men, women and children.

“Good media builds healthy community.”

That’s the five-word distillation of our 15-plus years as a publishing house. In most cases, our books achieve that goal by inspiring, educating and helping readers in their daily lives.

However, in some cases, the community assistance is even more direct—raising funds for good causes. In 2023, we are especially proud that our new book Healing the World: Gustavo Parajón, Public Health and Peacemaking Pioneer is among the titles we publish that quite literally builds community through revenue from book sales.

“One hundred percent of the royalties from sales of Healing the World go to AMOS Health and Hope, so in buying this book you are lifting up the lives of poor people in Nicaragua,” the new book’s co-author Dan Buttry said this week.

“AMOS Health and Hope was founded by Gustavo Parajón, his son David Parajón, and his daughter-in-law Laura Parajón, all medical doctors,” Buttry explained. “Dr. Gustavo was one of the global pioneers in the concept of community-based primary health care, rather than hospital-centered health care. This concept was vital to maximize health outcomes in an extremely impoverished country like Nicaragua, the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. AMOS reaches almost 75,000 people in over 25 poor communities throughout Nicaragua, training local people to be health providers and then working alongside them.”

Care to learn more about Dr. Gustavo Parajón?

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Care to learn more about AMOS?

Visit the nonprofit’s website: https://www.amoshealth.org/

There’s a lot to discover, including “Take a Virtual Mission Trip,” which is a great idea for individuals and small groups in the U.S. who want to encourage awareness of the needs of families in this region.

What is a Virtual tour? AMOS explains:

A virtual mission trip gives you the chance to experience life in Nicaragua and deepen your calling to serve and care for vulnerable people in our world… all on your own time, from the comfort of your own home! We’ll provide you with five videos and a participant guide, through which you’ll travel to a rural community in Nicaragua, hear stories from community leaders, and complete reflection activities along the way.

Of course, AMOS also offers in-person Volunteer programs.

But, please, start by ordering your copy of Healing the World: Gustavo Parajón, Public Health and Peacemaking Pioneer today.

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