‘God Is Just Love’—Look up into the starry night sky with Ken Whitt at the new Traces of God Ministry website

God Is Just Love by Ken Whitt book cover
Click on the book cover to visit Ken Whitt’s brand new website—where you’ll be able to look up into the starry night sky with him, pause in wonderment and learn about the inspiring multigenerational ideas he and his nonprofit are sharing with the world.

With every new author—and every new book—our publishing-house team asks: How will people find you? Where are you most comfortable welcoming readers across the Internet?

That’s because discoverability is the single biggest challenge every author and publisher faces with a new release. How will people discover this new book?

Then, we ask authors: Beyond that first encounter, how can authors interact with you in the national conversation you’re hoping to spark? We take seriously our founding motto: Good media builds healthy community. The challenge is: Communities need places to interact, share and grow.

Right now, we are excited to highlight two new authors who have launched welcoming websites working in collaboration with web designer Michael Thompson. In each case, Michael worked with these authors to make a short list of the essential elements they need to share with their growing communities online. Then, Michael looked for the most inviting and engaging images to welcome those online visitors.

Earlier, we introduced Michael’s work with Larry Buxton, the author of the new 30 Days with King David on Leadership, on the website LarryBuxton.com

Currently, Larry’s offer to visitors is a series of free, short, weekly videos lifting up the values that undergird great leadership. His latest video is called Do the Right Thing.

A Welcoming Letter from Ken Whitt and Traces of God Ministry

The news this week is the launch of a website in support of the global work on peacemaking, multigenerational education and creation care by the Rev. Ken Whitt and his nonprofit Traces of God Ministry. Again, Michael Thompson designed this gorgeous and highly flexible website.

Ken wrote the following letter to our online readers, inviting them to visit this new hub of online ministries, ideas and inspiration.


From the moment I began learning about this family of authors, I have sought to be supportive of the authors, books and articles through Front Edge Publishing and our ReadTheSpirit.com magazine—all offered with the hope of making this a better world. We have a unique and highly valued community here, and much of that value comes from how we have each other’s backs. Now, I’m helping to add a substantial new gathering place online that I hope all of us can share as a source of ideas and inspiration. If you check out the website of our spiritual formation ministry at TracesOfGodMinistries.com you will find resources to build spiritual resilience. Check the weekly columns and go exploring through the Inspirations. Pay special attention to the entries under, Adults and Children Together.

I am about to publish a book, God Is Just Love; Building Spiritual Resilience and Sustainable Communities for the Sake of Our Children and the Creation. Learn about this on our website. This book has an urgent message for millions of families and communities—if we reach out to let them know about it. Your hands can do some of that reaching. Just as I tell the readers in my book: I need you. We need each other.

Together, we can remind the world that God Is Just Love.

Come join us in this journey! Visit TracesOfGodMinistries.com

Ken Whitt
October 2020


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David Crumm is founding Editor of Front Edge Publishing. Nationally, he is known as a veteran journalist—a top writer and editor—with experience both in the U.S. and overseas. He is based in Canton, Michigan, where he also serves as Editor of Read the Spirit online magazine. His columns on trends in media appear twice a month on our Front Edge Publishing website.

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