Get Creative with Your Author Videos! Meet The Most Interesting Muslim Man in the World

Everyone knows what’s coming when we hear that resonant voice of the older, bearded, debonair gentleman tell us, I don’t always drink beer—but when I do …

It’s an ad for?

Victor Begg compared to The Most Interesting Man in the World
Separated at Birth? Could these two Most Interesting Men be brothers? Well, you gotta wonder … check out the video …

Yes, of course, Dos Equis. And, we’re talking about The Most Interesting Man in the World.

Or is he? Perhaps his Muslim brother just might eclipse him.

Seriously now: The author who has taken Susan Stitt’s advice on creating buzz-worthy video to heart, this month, is Victor Begg, author of Our Muslim Neighbors—Achieving the American Dream, An Immigrant’s Memoir. Also—Victor is rapidly becoming a great example to other authors by creating a vibrant—and frequently updated—website based on his book’s title:

This week, we’re celebrating with Victor because he’s gone far beyond our expectations!

Victor Begg: The Basic Book Promo Video

First, Victor and his team (including talented family members whose skills he summoned) created the basic promotional video we recommend. You should be able to see that clip below:

Victor Begg: Having Fun with Viral Video Memes

THEN, Victor and his creative family went further! Victor always has been famous as an extrovert who has settled comfortably into a debonair style over the years with an always neatly trimmed beard. Kind of like … you know! … that guy!

As his friends and family thought about that guy—oh, what’s his name!?!—they eventually remembered how he’s known around the planet: The Most Interesting Man in the World.

AND—the whole point of Victor’s book is that we should not fear our Muslim neighbors. We should reach out to meet them—because they’re engaging and hospitable people! Moreover, Victor shows us in his book, they’re just plain interesting!

The idea for a new video was born. So, those talented relatives organized themselves, once again, into a video crew. Now, we now have … The Most Interesting Muslim Man in the World.

You should see the video below!

But, wait! There’s More …

”But wait ... there’s more!” retro graphicIf you read Victor’s book (or even watch his video, where he mentions it)—you’ll learn that Victor is such a true blue American salesman that he once sold vacuum cleaners door to door. Yes, he really did—and set sales records!

So, Victor knows when he’s onto something good. That means his video career is just beginning!

Stay tuned for an upcoming video about a truly amazing event held in Florida recently—where Rabbi Bruce Benson invited Victor to a community-wide launch party for his book inside the rabbi’s synagogue. The idea of a Muslim author launching a book about the Islamic community—from the middle of a synagogue is … well … it’s further proof that this guy … Wow, this guy truly is Interesting!

Victor Begg: What’s This Guy Going to do Next?

Keep watching Front Edge Publishing columns (there’s a link toward the bottom of our blog page to sign up for free email updates). Or, visit Victor’s website and sign up there for free updates. And, please, visit Amazon and get a copy of his book. You’ll be glad you did!

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