Success Stories

Detroit Public Television

Harnessing the power of books to engage a television audience

The Problem

Detroit Public Television created an unique program for parent-guided early childhood learning, but participants were having trouble navigating a collection of online resources.

Our Solution

Front Edge Publishing worked with DPTV to organize their content into a book designed to guide parents through the Pre-School-U program, with online videos and resources embedded directly into the book. Parents can now follow along while engaging with DPTV resources.

Today, Front Edge Publishing creates customized versions of Pre-School-U for other early childhood learning organizations by including additional resources and messaging specifically for events and training programs.

You may wonder why a TV guy is promoting the idea of publishing a book. I mean, a book seems so traditional in media and, in public TV, we’re pushing toward cutting-edge media. But, if you look at the potential of this very flexible new kind of publishing, then you realize that a book is a powerful tool for curating your content in new forms—and reaching new audiences.

Rich HombergDetroit Public Television President and CEO

United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Visualizing years of social work in a narrative form designed for replication

The Problem

United Way for Southeastern Michigan works tirelessly in Michigan communities to improve early childhood education. Years of data from social work is difficult to assess and visualize.

Our Solution

United Way for Southeastern Michigan brought in Front Edge Publishing to assist with the content editing, creation and publication of a six-book series highlighting United Way efforts across Michigan in early childhood education.

The United Way book series tells the story of six nonprofits empowered by United Way to make a difference in their communities. Beautiful color photos and a powerful narrative tell an engaging story of how social work can change lives. The books contain resources, lesson plans and example of activities to help other organizations and communities replicate and scale these efforts.

When we faced this big challenge of scaling and replicating our years of work together in early childhood education, we didn’t want to simply do what others were doing around the country—using websites and flyers and Powerpoints. We wanted to reach much further and we committed ourselves to a series of books. We knew it was a big challenge, but now we can see these books are a very helpful way to tell our stories and reach out into the world.

Jeff MilesSocial Innovation Fund Manager, United Way for Southeastern Michigan

Rabbi Bob Alper

Empowering entertainers with memorable take-home merchandise

The Problem

Rabbi Bob Alper is one of America’s most popular clean-comedy stand-up comedians. His jokes can be heard on Sirius XM radio across the country and at numerous events. His listeners clamored for more ways to enjoy the Rabbi’s humor.

Our Solution

Front Edge Publishing worked closely with Rabbi Bob Alper to produce two volumes of his heartwarming and hilarious stories. His books can be found on and other retailers, and customized copies are available at his events, including the famous Laugh in Peace interfaith comedy show.

From the original germ of an idea to that delicious arrival of the first box of the final product, one the most pleasurable aspects of producing my books has been collaborating with David Crumm and the superb Front Edge Publishing staff of copy editors, artists and fulfillment people.

Robert AlperRabbi and full-time stand-up comedian