Rabbi Lenore Bohm author of Torah Tutor

Torah Tutor explores the Bible’s early books highlighting themes for moral, spiritual and intellectual growth. This contemporary self-guided study is ideal for individual seekers and group discussions.

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“Reading this may become one of the most meaningful parts of your week, renewing, enriching and energizing you.”
Rabbi Sally Priesand, America’s first female rabbi

“Rabbi Bohm’s important work … will touch the soul of individual seekers and will serve as the basis for creating community through shared study and conversation.”
Rabbi Leon A. Morris, President of Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

“This is a gift of a book by a very gifted rabbi.”
Jessica Pressman, Professor of English and Comparative Literature, San Diego State University

“Rabbi Bohm’s book is indeed a treasure—both for those who think that they know the Torah already and for those who have never studied at an adult level before.”
Rabbi Jack Riemer, author of Finding God in Unexpected Places

“Rabbi Bohm has written a very accessible, appealing, and challenging book that is a gem for Christians as well as members of the Jewish community.”
Barbara Quinn, RSCJ, Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

Torah Tutor is an invitation to consider, contemplate and discuss the essential themes of the weekly Torah portion. It is for the intellectual and spiritual seeker who is curious about what Torah teaches us on topics such as justice, family dynamics, power, celebration and the important search for meaning and purpose. This book is for the novice or experienced student, for the individual or for a small group interested in self-guided study. It is an accessible and beautiful rendering of the wisdom of Torah.”
Rabbi Karyn Kedar, author of Amen: Seeking Presence With Prayer, Poetry, and Mindfulness Practice

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Rabbi Lenore Bohm is part of the first generation of American Jewish women to be ordained as rabbis. She has served as a pulpit rabbi and as a Jewish Educator. Currently, she is Rabbi-in-Residence at Temple Solel in Cardiff-by-the-Sea. She also leads Torah Study at Congregation Beth Israel in San Diego.

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Here is the book’s Foreword by Rabbi Sally J. Priesand, North America’s first female rabbi.

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