A book’s publication is just the beginning of its story. At Front Edge Publishing, we believe great media builds healthy communities and treat every book as a new opportunity to connect readers and authors to their community.

Inside every Front Edge Publishing book, you’ll find a website for additional resources, discussion and downloadable materials. Whether you’re interested in engaging your local discussion group in a conversation about nutrition or looking for some color book pages to join Sadie the Dog from Sadie Sees Trouble, check out the book resources below to learn about the Front Edge approach to community:

Robust, Resource-Packed Pages

Some of our resource pages for books are built to provide free supplemental resources for readers, ranging from discussion guides to coloring pages. Here are examples:

Early Learning with United Way for Southeastern Michigan

This page offers complete study guides readers can freely access from their phones, tablets or computers. We built this page to offer all six, free guides—which are used in community discussion groups—in a single display that provides an overview of the United Way bookshelf.

Sadie Sees Trouble

This page offers free downloads of coloring pages for the children’s picture book Sadie Sees Trouble. Sadie the dog is illustrated using colors found around the home and in the kitchen. Join Sadie in learning about the importance of taking a break from screen time. Want to learn more about the book, right now? Here’s a direct link to the book’s Amazon page.

Learn more about Front Edge Publishing authors sharing their story

Resource pages hosted by Front Edge Partner Publishers

Front Edge Publishing partners host a variety of resource hubs and discussion pages for their books. Check out these pages below:

Read the Spirit Books has been publishing cross-cultural and spiritual books since 2007.

Front Edge Publishing’s biggest imprint, Read the Spirit, has published multiple award-winning, paradigm-shifting books, including Changing Our Mind by the Rev. David P. Gushee and Letter to my Congregation by the Rev. Ken Wilson. Read the weekly online magazine written by David Crumm and contributing writers at ReadtheSpirit.com.

Our Muslim Neighbors by Victor Begg

Victor Begg is a Muslim activist engaged in interfaith work. Read about his memoir, media appearances and ongoing efforts at OurMuslimNeighbors.com.

The Bias Busters series by the Michigan State University School of Journalism

The Bias Busters team, led by MSU educator and editor-in-residence Joe Grimm, has been creating 100 Questions and Answers books since 2013. Learn more about the cultural competence series and their work.

Harold Heie’s Respectful Conversations model productive discussions

Harold Heie’s fourth book, Reforming American Politics: A Christian Perspective of Moving Past Conflict to Conversation, is a direct result of small group discussions hosted on his website.

The Tree of World Religions by John Bellaimey serves as a textbook and world tour

The Tree of World Religions, Second Edition is a worldwide tour of religions. John Bellaimey uses the book to teach his classes at Breck School. Check out his travel blog and website.

Learn about the all-inclusive message of Blue Ocean Faith

Read about Dave Schmelzer’s story in Blue Ocean Faith and check out their hub website and podcast.