Early Learning Resources: Guides from United Way’s Nonprofit Book Series

Funding cuts and shifting public priorities nationwide mean it’s more important than ever to get involved in your local community. Front Edge Publishing worked with United Way to produce a book series highlighting six nonprofits that work tirelessly to improve early childhood education. In order to help you facilitate early learning in your own community, we’re offering these discussion guides from the series for free.

Guides from Access to School

Our Family Stories

Our Family Stories helps men and women in diverse communities come together by highlighting shared stories of immigration as well as the challenges of overcoming resistance to our nation’s ever-growing diversity.


Images of America

Designed by Dr. Wayne Baker of the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, Images of America is a small group ice-breaker activity that invites participants to share their reactions to iconic images of America.


Guides from Solutions for Success

Family Service Learning

Southwest Solutions is a nonprofit based in southeast Michigan. Download the Family Service Learning discussion guide to learn how they bring families together to work on community projects.


Becoming Community Leaders

Becoming a community leader is a fantastic way to make a difference locally. Download this guide to find out how to get started.


Guides from Building Healthy Relationships in Early Learning

The Road to Relationships

The activities in this guide help children learn how to form relationships throughout their entire lives. The Road to Relationships comes with visual aids to help establish a pathway for building relationships.


Creating a Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement communicates your goals and lays out a plan for your future. Learn how professional Southwest Solutions social workers create mission statements, then write your own!


Guides from Living Arts’ Detroit Wolf Trap

A Book that Changed My Life

Books can be vital in shaping early life. Learn how to develop your child’s emotional and STEM skills through storytelling.


Transformative Power of Performing Arts

The performing arts are a fantastic tool for early learning and childhood development. Use this guide’s activities to harness transformative power of performing arts!


Guides from Regie’s Rainbow Adventure

Feed the Spirit—A Family Activity

Food is a foundation for family memories. Learn how to strengthen relationships by sharing treasured recipes using this guide.


Regie’s Real Superpower

Regie is a superhero who teaches kids to love fruits and vegetables. Discover how to channel his power in your community.


Guides from Leaps & Bounds Family Services

Building a Better Nonprofit

Denise Dorsz, Executive Director of Leaps & Bounds Family Services, shares her dozen tips for the ultimate nonprofit in this United Way discussion guide.


Home Visiting

Home visiting is an important skill for any social worker. In this guide, Leaps & Bounds professionals describe how to create a productive and safe home visit.