When you die, there are so many things your family and loved ones immediately need to know.
Two Envelopes is your voice, conveying your final wishes regarding your death and your estate.

Early Readers Are Saying—

Front cover of Rusty Rosman's Two Envelopes
IN DECEMBER 2023: Click on the cover to visit the book’s page on Amazon, where this book will be available for pre-order in paperback, hardcover and Kindle.

A must read for every senior! An excellent way to share the most important information with your family. The author is very insightful on the needs of families. This book is an incredible gift to/for your family.

Ida Goutman, CEO Cruz Clinic Psychiatric and Psychological Care

My mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. During this stressful and confusing time, the guidance set out in what was then a draft of Two Envelopes helped ground and organize my mother. She focused on what she wanted to do as outlined in this book and then proceeded to do it. She felt she had a measure of control in a situation that afforded her little control. Our family was so grateful to have this guide. Two Envelopes gave all of us comfort and peace of mind.

Elizabeth Sandler, a daughter of an early user of Two Envelopes

As Rusty Rosman shows us, it is never too soon to gather our loved ones and pose the hard questions that will ensure our wishes are honored both in life and in death. With deep gratitude to Rusty, we have her exceptionally comprehensive book, giving us the permission to gather with loved ones and have productive conversations we all need to share.

Rabbi Joseph Krakoff, CEO of the Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network