Conference attendees always come home with an assortment of memorabilia: t-shirts, mugs, notebooks and tons of brochures. They’ll probably stick the mug in the back of a cupboard and wash the car with the t-shirt, and there’s a good chance they’ll never look at the brochures again — if they even keep them in the first place!

No One Throws Away a Book!

Make sure your attendees hold onto the information and resources you provide! Front Edge Publishing makes it easy to create a guidebook for your event. Our expert editors and designers work with you to create an eye-catching cover and well-organized interior.

You can include …

  • A welcome letter in the front
  • Your company’s history and mission statement
  • An agenda with helpful times and locations
  • A map of the event
  • Helpful resources
  • Contact information for organizers
  • Hotel information
  • Social media guidelines, event hashtags and event chat room information
  • … and much more!

eBook versions are available. The Front Edge Publishing BookEdge Software Suite ensures that eBooks are identical to their printed counterparts.

Rework Existing Material

Do you still have a stack of outdated event material sitting in your basement or garage? Front Edge Publishing will rework your printed material into an event guidebook from PDFs, Microsoft Word files, or your previously printed brochure.

Re-order and Update Quickly and Easily

Front Edge Publishing keeps your book ready — until it’s time to update it for the next event. Venue changing? Booked an exciting new speaker? It’s quick and easy to update the interior and cover of your book.

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