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Cold War Casual by Anna Krushelnitskaya is a collection of transcribed oral testimony and interviews translated from Russian into English and from English into Russian that delve into the effect of the events and the government propaganda of the Cold War era on regular citizens of countries on both sides of the Iron Curtain.

The interviews were conducted in the native languages of the respondents in a casual, friendly format to record the subjective evaluations of the Cold War period in an attempt to establish whether, and how, the lived experiences and memories of the respondents influenced their sense of national pride, instilled a fear of war or the enemy, invited cultural openness or isolation and participated in forming personal long-term ideological stances.

«Простая холодная война» — это сборник транскриптов устных свидетельств и неформальных интервью, взятых у рядовых граждан государств с обеих сторон «железного занавеса» и затем переведённых с русского на английский и с английского на русский. В книге рассматривается влияние событий и государственной пропаганды эпохи холодной войны на жизнь и мировоззрение респондентов по их личным субъективным оценкам.

Cold War Casual is an ideal resource for classrooms and small groups with an interest in the Cold War era and Russian language learning. The dual-language format provides immediate translation feedback, and the informal dialogue of the interviews builds real-world vocabulary and grammar skills in both English and Russian. The Cold War Casual printer-friendly study guide is available as a free download to assist language learners and educators in teaching the material in the book. The book is available on

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