What makes Front Edge competitive in today’s publishing industry? How do you track revisions when there are so many publishing platforms? What’s your secret?

Front Edge Publishing’s internal book creation software, combined with the publishing expertise of our team of editors, marketers and developers allows us to quickly and flexibly respond to new changes in the publishing industry. Our proprietary software significantly reduces the time required to create different versions of each book by treating the book as an adaptable source of content. Instead of locking a book into a static printed version, Front Edge Publishing software maintains manuscripts in an XML form, which allows them to quickly turn into various versions, including print layout and all ebook types. This technology is not used in traditional publishing, which is why other publishers need to devote hours (or days) to the creation of each individual book version, whether it’s a printed book or Kindle.

Does my book need copy editing?

Even the best writers need copy editing. Front Edge Publishing provides copy editing as part of production. During the copy editing process, our editors apply formatting that prepare your manuscript for production using Front Edge Publishing software. Front Edge Publishing copy editors are trained in a variety of styles, prioritize the author’s voice and will consult with you on difficult editorial questions.

As our partner publisher, you are also welcome to handle copy editing yourself. If you decide to manage copy editing, the Front Edge formatting process will be significantly faster and you may qualify for a production discount. To inquire about training your internal copy editors in the Front Edge Publishing formatting system, please contact us.

How do I format my manuscript?

Front Edge Publishing uses Microsoft Word as the starting point for manuscript files. If possible, please submit your manuscript in a Microsoft Word file. You are welcome to send individual chapter files or one single manuscript file. If your book has been published before and up-to-date Microsoft Word files are not available, you are welcome to submit a PDF or a hard-copy book to be scanned and processed. Please note that scanned PDFs and hard copies take longer to process than Microsoft Word files and may require more copy editing time to fix errors that result from the scanning process.

How do I update my book?

Front Edge Publishing can update ebooks in on all platforms, or two weeks for a print book. To issue an updated, revised, or second edition of a book, please contact us to secure a binding estimate, which is based on the number of changes made to the book. If significant content changes are necessary, Front Edge Publishing will provide you with up-to-date Microsoft Word files for your editing.

How can I customize my book for specific events or audiences?

Thanks to the proprietary Front Edge Publishing Software Suite, Front Edge Publishing is able to offer customized editions of every book you publish. Customized editions can have additional material placed inside, such as a letter from the president of your organization, a schedule of a conference, extra resources, or a study guide customized for a specific event like a book reading, small group study or a conference. Targeted editions have materials that are generated for a specific audience or industry. Your book cover can also be customized with different logos, or be a completely new cover. This a popular Front Edge Publishing service. Please plan for customized editions for at least three months in advance, from the time you submit content to the time you want books in hand, to allow for non-expedited service, printing and shipping. Contact [email protected] for a customization estimate, examples of previous customizations, or more information.

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