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‘God Is Just Love’—Look up into the starry night sky with Ken Whitt at the new Traces of God Ministry website

Over the years, our publishing house has encouraged authors to find comfortable ways to welcome readers online. Many authors choose to do that through resource-rich websites. Working with web designer Michael Thompson, two of our new authors are debuting such inviting and practical homes on the Internet. In this article, we introduce Ken Whitt’s gorgeous new website that invites visitors to look up into the starry night sky with him—and imagine what might be possible.

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Dr. Anni Reinking Is Part of the National Conversation on Race—in part—because of HARO

Dr. Anni Reinking is a vital part of the national conversation on race and racism, right now, mainly because she is a top expert—both as a noted scholar and as the White mother of a Black son. She can speak as an expert and as an educational consultant—and she can tell true stories that illustrate these issues drawn from her own experience. One way Dr. Reinking connects with journalists is via an online resource called HARO.

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‘I love to make people laugh … so I designed a Zoom program drawing on other parts of my life’

Standup comic and author Bob Alper writes about how social distancing may have slowed his schedule as a standup comic—but has led to the creation of two new online options for fans who like to book his appearances each year. Many authors are experimenting with online options for outreach and marketing. Here’s how Bob is doing it, complete with a free option for a daily laugh.

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